This Walmart store is Ontarios first super center in Stouffile, Ontario. Other Walmart locations include Bradford, Aurora, and Scarborough.

Mark's Work Wearhouse in Scarborough, Ontario.

Over 30 Canadian Tire stores across Ontario including one in Scarborough, Ontario. This location is currently Ontario's largest Canadian Tire store.

Armadale Square Shopping center situated in Markham , Ontario. Some of major stores include: Future Shop, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Mark's Work Wearhouse.

Wietzes Toyota Car Dealership

CMC Medical Center at the Armadale Square plaza in Markham, Ontario.

Kelsey's restaurant at Armadale Square in Markham, Ontario.

Timothy's World Coffee at Armadale Square in Markham, Ontario.

Atlas Van Lines - Mississauga, Ontario

Woodbridge Memorial Arena -  Woodbridge, Ontario

Extrudex Aluminum - Woodbridge, Ontario